Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mrs. Butterwirth Protects Her Plants

Mrs. Butterwirth is worried about what the frost might do to her broccoli and cabbage plants.

She gets some hay
and gently covers the tender plants.
She's never planted lavender before so she's not sure about how it will fare.
She thinks about the problem in the sun.
She can see it's a big job.
So she gets out the pick
It's rough work
but not too rough for Mrs. Butterwirth.
When she finishes,
she always puts away her tools.
Mrs. Butterwirth helps to plant some Egyptian onions
then takes a nap in a bed of flowering chickweed.
Suddenly she remembers that the peonies are up early.
She gets a flower pot
and makes a little shelter for them.
Mrs. Butterwirth is pretty sure the live forever will be o.k.

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