Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mrs. Butterwirth on Laundry Day

Mrs. Butterwirth sets up the washtub for laundry day.

She gets out an extra bar of soap just in case.
And she sets up the washboards.
Mrs. B separates the laundry into piles by dirtiness. She want to wash the cleanest things first.
Then she soaks the dirtiest pants.
She sets up the wringer,
and tightens it down.
She knows just how much water to put into the washtub,
and she wants to make sure it's warm enough.
She adds vinegar to the rise water to cut the soap.
Time to get down to business. Mrs. B scrubs a washcloth,
and puts it through the wringer
After rinsing the sheet she puts it back through the wringer.
Mrs. Butterwirth loves being out in the sunshine,
and working with her friends
Little Creatures will make some nice washing music!
After the first load Mr.s Butterwirth snacks on chips and hot sauce.
To cool her mouth she then has some pickled herring.
Mrs. Butterwirth absolutely loves herring!
After the second load Mrs. B empties the washtub.
She feels very proud of a job well done!

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