Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mrs. Butterwirth Builds a Cabin

Mrs. Butterwirth uses the site level to level the foundation.

She gets out the circular saw,

Turns on the generator,

And helps dig the first post hole.

Mrs. Butterwirth checks the first band for level,

and uses Pythagorean's Theorem to square up the foundation.

She loves the view from the first finished corner.

She also loves joist walking.

Mrs. B. holds down the flooring as the crew nails it down.

She helps nail the wall together,

and helps Betsy stand the wall up.

She looks through the first window.

Mrs. Butterwirth holds the siding in place while Dominic nails it,

and holds another sheet of siding while Joe cuts it.

She sets the rafter in place,

and holds a sheet of roofing metal for the guys to screw down.

Then she chats with Betsy in the nearly finished cabin.


  1. LOL I love it!That Mrs. Butterwirth's an all-around helper! I'll bet she & Betsy had plenty to talk about. ;)