Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mrs. Butterwirth Looks for a Hat

Mrs. B Needs your help.  She is desperately seeking the perfect summer hat and would like for you all to help her choose!

A bit odiferous perhaps but lacy, Mrs. B dons a garlic blossom.

She's fond of this brilliant daylily chapeau

Mr.s Butterwirth tries out a dainty Queen Ann's Lace bonnet.

Is this echinacea the nicest?

Or this one?

She'd consider a floppy milkweed hat.

This butterfly weed extravaganza might be a bit extreme.

But a tamed down version might be nice.

Mrs. B likes the bright simplicity of a few brown eyed Susans

But she also loves the elegance of a veil of elderflowers.

Perhaps she should get back to her Scottish roots with a thistle tam-o-shanter?
There are so many good choices.  Cast your vote and explain why you think it is the best!


  1. I really think Ms. B is rocking them all!! I say keep them all :)

    1. That's not very helpful. Maybe I should make it into a contest?

  2. The elderflower hat, Mrs. Butterwirth! But if you ever visit us in India, bring the garlic blossom hat. Not only is it striking and elegant for evening tea on the lawn, but it should serve as a good deterrent against our little Indian vampires, the mosquitoes.