Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mrs. Butterwirth Has a Homecoming

Mrs Butterwirth can't wait to paddle out to the old home place

When she looks at the old stone wall it reminds her of a favorite song

She wonders how old this turtle must have been when it died

She loves the fluff from cattails

And climbing honeysuckle vines up trees

The honeysuckle's green out up here

Mrs. Butterwirth thinks the mudflats are magical

She loves the patterns in the cracked surface

And observing deer tracks

But she's not so fond of the trash she finds

Mrs. B notices that all of the rocks and tree stumps and even the mud itself are covered with a curious pattern

This old tire seems to have created a microclimate for these little plants

Mrs. Butterwirth is enthralled by the swirls left by receding water

She takes shelter from the wind in a weather and water worn old stump

Mrs. B pauses for a bit to think about the farm that the remains of this rock wall used to protect

She'd love to see the beaver that gnawed down this tree

She climbs to a hollow in a hackberry tree to get a better vantage

She's such a nut!

Lunchtime!  Mrs. Butterwirth waits patiently for her fresh baked focaccia

And fresh pastured hard boiled eggs

In this little woodland she almost feels lost

Mrs. Butterwirth loves young mosses best of all

She wonders where she can get a great pair of boots like these.

She just loves the green algae on these shelf fungus

But most of all she wonders why so much trash gets left all over her beautiful old home.


  1. I love Mrs. Butterwrith's travels.

  2. Me too! This one post is a whole storybook in itself!! I can't wait for my grandniece to grow old enough to share this with her!